The tool for Active Lessons Learned

Lessons Management Hub (LMH) is a web based tool, designed by practitioners to assist and co-ordinate your Lessons Learned program.


Fire Services
Police Services
Housing Construction
Construction Management
Power Generation
Marine Engineering
Oil and Gas

Internal Organisation

Lessons Learned can be organised and managed in a number of ways. Within our client base, Lessons Learned has been managed by
  • Specific Lessons Learned Manager in Operational Section
  • Lessons Learned Centre similar to a PMO.
  • QA Manager
  • Learning and Development Manager

Typical Issues

The software is never the issue. Some take a while to understand the formalisation of the approach.
Most take some time to fully leverage all the features.
The roll-out and acceptance of the approach will vary across the organisation. The built-in tools and KPIs provide leverage to get more universal acceptance.